Ecommerce sites are bustling with goings-on since we have the wide of the exciting Holiday season. Indeed, IBM reported that the last Cyber Week from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday was the year as a record set for the shopping online.

It was an overall increase in online sales 12.6% along with 27.2% of mobile sales. This is very welcoming news for the eCommerce website development and the businesses.

But, there have some reports of shops with the issue of hacking – both online as well as offline. It becomes a big issue in this industry. It’s because the whole thing depends on trust in eCommerce.

If your consumers don’t have trust in you, they’ll not make any purchase from you. This is why the trust seal is very crucial for your eCommerce website developed by web design and development company. Well, let’s know a bit more about the issue.

What Indeed a Trust Seal Is

You might have noticed that there are some types of seal, logo, badge, or icon display on eCommerce sites. Usually, they’re a trust seal. It has defined as a trust seal that indicates and verifies that the website is legal to the visitors.

The data a visitor provides to the third party; it confirms that the business/ website is authentic. The seals have linked with a different layer of secure sockets or SSL. That means you have a verified site and it’s safe for credit/ debit card information.

Importance of Getting Trust Seal

There are lots of studies regarding the trust seals’ impact. In this case, Moz has mentioned the 2 companies used this trust seal for the first time back in 1999. They are Studio Archetype or Sapient and Cheskin Research.

Overall, common consent has become that this trust seal is certainly significant for e-commerce websites. The TNS reported from research that a greater part of online buyers is conscious of what and why trust seal means. It just 1 in 5 did not.

Also, more than 88% of U.S. online buyers have stated, a trust seal is a very vital fact for the websites. Indeed, more than 79% of buyers probably have seen this type of trust seal on their visited site’s home page.

Besides, just about 70% of online buyers terminated their order as they didn’t find the trust seal or get the trust in their transaction systems. Plus, trust logos increase the reliability in more than 75% of participants according to a recent report.

It also said, about 61% of them said they have not completed their purchase at one time because of a lack of trust seals or logos. All researches clear one thing that “trust seals” matter much.

Recommended Trust Seals

As trust seal is a vital factor for eCommerce sites, which one is highly reliable? Here are also the results of a survey that stated the trust level is the highest for the McAfee trust seal.

After that, there are some others like TRUSTe and BBB Accredited. In a study of the Actual Inside, the most trusted seals are PayPal verified, McAfee, and Verisign.