Waste management is something that needs a great portion of attention to be considered if we aim a peaceful environment for us and our upcoming generations. As the studies are carrying out, it is claimed that we won’t be dumping waste as we do now and instead there will be a good enough recycling phenomenon for all the waste as predicted by experts and trash companies near me. This way the manufacturers will experience a lesser wastage amount comparatively while encouraging the green environment as a gift to nature.

This concept will definitely lead to making raw material for another product from the waste of one product. It will also make manufacturers use lasting materials and the ones which can be easily repaired and reused.

Difficult Phase: Convincing People to Follow the Concept

No doubt the most difficult phase in implementing anything is convincing people that it is for their good. Practices which are being followed from years are not easy to change and of course changing one’s mindset is not a piece of cake. Be it using recyclable materials for manufacturers who won’t see good in increasing their own profit in long run or the common public who end up filling their bin with waste overs by day end every other day.

It Has Begun

But a good initiative has been taken in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. They are following smart cards system in which local residents are given a card with their name and address written on it. There is a chip on that card which can be scanned and people used to throw their trash in a smart bin. It works by scanning their card and weigh the trash before dumping, people will then have to pay for their trash. This initiative is proved to be amazing in controlling waste and planned to be used in other states as well. Many garbage companies near me are planning this too.

Above concept is also very helpful in making people realize what they had been doing previously and how much it was affecting the environment in which they breathe. However, it is not good to put the whole responsivity on residents as it should be divided among retailers and business holders as well. Retailers should work for using recyclable packaging instead of promoting plastic packaging which is not recyclable at all. It is surprising to see the studies which shows that only about 14% of the plastic packaging is being recycled at the moment. It is very alarming if we aim to promote ecological packaging in future.

The manufacturing sector around the world have to be very active and take the responsibility of saving environment from all these hazardous material as we can’t do that alone – trash companies near me say. It has to be a joint effort from all manufacturers, retailers and consumers of course to reach the goals which can be helpful in making this world a peaceful place to live in. Also, governments need to support their people so this cause can be possible to achieve as it is not possible without their approvals and agreements.