We all have been out there. You might be running late for you’re a formal event or an important business meeting. Reaching for your shoes to find out they have scuffed plus dirty. Don’t worry, as a rapid cover of shoe shine will make them up brighter.

But, disaster, you have run out! Fortunately, lots of daily items are out there. They do a nice job regarding polishing shoes. And you may previously have most of them in the vanity cabinet or kitchen at your home.

You can just run out of shoe polish or reduce the number of items in the home. As a result, check out the top tips for the ways to shine your shoes without polishing them. So, before you look for the best loafer for men, let’s know about the tips to shine the shoes without polish them.

Olive Oil & Lemon

While several oils are excellent to make bright shoes, olive oil is well known. This is the greatest polishing option for moisturizers and shoes.

On your leather shoes, sprinkle or sprits a little. And then leave with a dry, soft towel and buff for five minutes. To improve the shine, add several drops of lemon juice.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great oil for shining shoes. Although almost any sort of petroleum will, as noted, do this. Rub the coconut oil over all of your shoes and then buff for an advanced look.

Don’t use this procedure if you reside in a cold climate. But coconut oil may stick in the cold and leave your shoes with an unattractive white muck hard to remove!


Shining your shoes is the final thing you do before going out of the door if you are anything like us! Use the banana you had for breakfast when you’re out of shoe polishing.

This is one of our favorite options. You have to rub over your shoes within the banana peel. And polish the surplus for intelligent shoes. No one would have suspected of being garbage polished!

Rubbing Alcohol

Wonders may do by applying a little piece of rubbing alcohol on your shoes softly. And your leather shoes look overall. Just remember first to try it in a small area and let it dry before polishing.

Oregano Leaves

In your herbal cupboard, it has not the dried ones. Proper fresh oregano leaves may be very polished in shoes and have anti-fungal and antibacterial-specific substances in them. You have to see and smell your shoes better for longer.

Hair Gel

You might have troubled yourself with sparkling shoes. So, we’ll take it for granted that somewhere in your vanity office, you probably had a pot of hair gel stashed!

Avoid being coy. Use this to your advantage when your shoes appear a bit glossy. And put some hair gel on their shoes before wiping with a clean, soft tissue to make your shoes brilliant.

Lip Balm/Petroleum Jelly

This is another hero of the vanity cabinet. You will be delighted that you have never had your almost vacant lip bales thrown away. Next time you’re off shoe polishing, it is possible to apply this to leather shoes. It has massaged it in with soft tissue and buffs it with a rag to make your shoes shine.

So, be cautious and don’t use too much. It’s because there is still great controversy over the benefit vs. hazards of putting petroleum jelly on monk strap shoes.