If you’re looking for the best tent for your backpack, you have to consider some factors. These include lightweight of the tent with higher durability and waterproofing features. Also, it should be easy to set up and these factors can make you different from the crowd. This especially should remember when you need to choose the factor of the price tag.

In this post, we’re going to share these types of considerable factors when buying new or used tents. Also, we’ll recommend some tents that are the best for backpacking in the next post. So, you’ll be getting ready for your summer outdoor activities. Well, let’s know some tips so that you can choose the best used hiking gear (tent in this case) that you’re looking for.



It’s the foremost considerable factor when going to buy a tent. And most of the tents come with around 1 to 4 pounds of weight. Don’t forget one thing when shopping in a tent that you’ll carry it on your back. So, it not just should be lightweight, it also needs to be durable. That’s why to choose the lightest one because that’s more comfortable as well.

But, if you get home an ultra-light tent, it needs more care to set up and to store up. Also, it comes with a higher price tag and you’ll find two different weight specs in common. It’s true the load of the tent, fly, and poles are the minimum trail weights. But, you also may need to get a stuff sack, stakes, and a footprint that will protect the tent’s bottom line.

Capacity & Interior Space

Before you buy a tent, you should know how many people are going to use the tent, how tall they are. There are some tents for 2 men that are very tight to use. It’s OK to use if you like to stay cuddling. But, you need a bit spacious tent if you or your partner is very tall in size.

Also, you can consider buying a tent of 3 men that’s lightweight and comfortable for staying 2 tall people. Besides, don’t forget to pay attention to the floor space of the tent whether it has enough space for you.

Number of Doors

If you’re in camp with someone else, two doors are comfortable for getting in and getting out. That means you don’t need to creep over other people. Also, you’ll get your own separate store vestibule where you can store your things. It’ll help you stay more organized during the camping days.


Seasonal Rating

As the 3-season tent has designed to breathe well when you’re in a sensible weather, most of the backpackers like to get it. It provides you great prevention in different weather conditions like light snow and heavy rain during winter, fall, and spring.

But, you should get a 4-season tent if you have a plan to camp in extreme weather conditions or in heavy snow. When you choose a 4-season tent, you’ll find better terrain heat with less mesh. But, you may feel a fairly stuffy as there is lack of ventilation.