People love to use antique jewelry for many reasons. But, it’s very significant to know what you’re buying and if it’s a real antique piece or not. It’s because sometimes there is some clever duplicate of the genuine thing.

So, love to buy is not enough to get the real antique piece, you must know how to choose the genuine items. These antique pieces have been made in some different style and manor. As a result, they stand alone from the crowd in comparison to the common items.

Also, if you like to hold the intrinsic value then there are no more alternatives than antique or vintage pieces of jewelry. So, let’s know some useful tips to buy antique jewelry.

Need Some Researches

You should know what search for as there are lots of options available on these days market. Also, you have to understand what the history is behind every piece of jewelry when you get that. Never forget or afraid of asking what the background and details of the antique piece.

Building a trustworthy relationship with a good dealer is the key point in this issue. But, dealers come with vetted items when they show the items in the exhibition. So, it’s safe to start your journey of buying antique jewelry from the trade show.

Also, you should go with your own research online before making a purchase. But, you should be able to identify which one is the real piece of antique jewelry.

Know Comprehensively

A careful and comprehensive evaluation is very important while shopping antique or vintage jewelry. Check to know whether it is stone or something else like enamel. Also, you have to look for some other things, including corrosion, bumps, discoloration, holes, and cracks.

It’s because the flaws are not repairable and there is the risk of getting an effect on the valuable antique piece. So, don’t compromise with the conditions of antique to retain its value for years.

Identify the Fake Item

Find out the significant sign that comes with the antique estate jewelry to differ with fake and unique items. Also, if the item has manufactured from a renowned maker, you’ll find their sign and mark on the items.

For a deep examination of the item, you should consider using a jewelry loupe or a magnifying glass. Among other clues, you can find the age of the antique piece if that’s linked with style or pattern of any specific time.

But, you’ll also find some makers have not assigned their any distinguishing marks or sign. In this case, we have said already that you have to talk to the dealer about the background and details.

Get Documentation & Authentication

If it’s possible, you should get documentation regarding the originality of the antique piece. These documents are not just adding financial value; they also describe the origin of its manufacture.

You’ll have to get the original receipts as they have the name of the previous shoppers. Also, you should get handwritten notes from its former owner with some other things as proofs of its individuality.