1. Make a Choice First

Implementing the value-based healthcare in your hospital requires a step by step process. You cannot just implement anything without having a proper plan and mindset for it. There are certain things that need to be looked for and make decisions accordingly. Firstly, you would have to decide what is the medical condition for which you want to implement value-based care. Below is mentioned the criteria that can help you in making a choice for implementation;

  • High burden, including social
  • ICHOM set available
  • Planned healthcare
  • High volume
  • Also, how many heads would like to join hands with you in this cause of implementing value-based care?

2. Know Your Aims and Objections of Value-Based Care

Now, you have to determine what are the objectives of the implementation of value-based care in your hospital or practice? Once you have determined it and decided that on which part you are going to focus more, then, you can proceed to the further steps.

3. Determine Who to Involve

Here you would decide who would be your team members in this cause. Pay a close look at the staff members and determine their strengths and quality then decide according to it. Make sure you gather a capable team that is talented enough to find out creative and effective ways for implementation. Moreover, take members from different departments for example from; pharmaceuticals, healthcare insurers, IT specialists and general physicians. Having people from different forces can help to build a strong team to overcome any type of hurdle as each of them are skilled in their professions. In the end, appoint a team leader who directs everyone and leads the projects. It also helps to use equipment and tools that are easy to use especially IT tools. You can employ DICOM viewer Mac freeware for that.


4. Know the End Results That You Would Like to See

Once you have determined your target department and made a team, it is time to decide that what is the end result that you are expecting to see from that particular department. You can use past records and details to track the progress and conditions of different departments and decide accordingly.

5. Motivate Team Members to Show Their Skills

As already mentioned above, every member would be specific and skilled in their field of interest so, make sure they work effectively as a team as well.

The health care providers should measure the outcome in order to make the registration a chief part in quality management for healthcare providers preventing them to think of it as pointless management.

Let the IT members regulate and keep a track on the essential and needed outcomes. Ask the It specialists to make a dashboard where all these end results are displayed in a manner that it becomes pretty easy for the team to look at it and discuss those.


6. Focus on the Growth of the Outcomes

Once the outcomes have started to be achieved, measure them collectively and start planning for its protection and improvement. You cannot leave the matter once the end results have shown up, you would have to safeguard those outcomes so that the department stays effective for a long time.

Again, use of better and cost-effective tools like mobile DICOM viewer Mac freeware is importance. You can search more it too before making a decision.