In simple words, international roaming means you’re connecting with a network that’s your home country’s one through the third party network. That’s the network of other country and you get the permit to use it for your own. Let’s get an example to make it clear. When you travel to some other country you keep your phone with you, right? This is because to get connected with your family in your home country. If you’ve made active this roaming in your phone you’ll be able to connect with them without changing your SIM card. That’s why it’s important to know how to activate international roaming in your phone. So, we’ll know in this content the process to activate this roaming with some other related information.

How to Do It?

You already know what this roaming is on your mobile phone. But, the question is that why the rates are almost double than the regular one. This is because when you call during roaming you get charged two mobile networks. For this reason, it’s expensive to use a mobile phone in other than your country. Well, let’s know how to set this service to your mobile phone:

How to do it for your iPhone

First Step

  • At first, go to your “Settings” option then find out “Carriers” and select “Automatic” from it. 
    Now, you have to go to the “Settings” option and get “Mobile Data” and then select ‘Data Roaming’ “ON”.

Second Step

  • If your SIM is not registered automatically to the network you have to select it manually. And follow the below process to select manually:
  • At first, go to your “Settings” option then find out “Carriers” and switch off “Automatic”. Instead, you have to select from the available list of the operators.

Third Step

  • If you’re still unable to register your SIM to the network after completing the above steps switch your phone on International IMSI. Then follow this way:
  • At first, go to your “Settings” option then find out “Phone” and select “SIM Application” from it. After that go to “International Roaming” and them select “OFF” from it.

How to do it for your Android phone

  • At first, you must make sure that your phone is set to the option of ‘Preferred Network’ type. That’s set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE. 
    You have to turn off ‘Automatic’ and then select ‘Available network’ if mobile is not getting registered automatically.
  • Now, you have to go through “Settings” option, find “More” from it and go to “Mobile network” and then choose “Network Operators”.
  • Finally, if you can’t get registered with the above steps then look for “STK” available on mobile’s Home screen.

Bottom Line

Mobile phone operators have a contract with other countries’ operators for roaming purposes to make the customers able to make international calls from mobile. If they don’t have this agreement they’re not able to provide this roaming service for their users. This could be a reason to get lower users while they don’t have this advantage and many others. So, every operator has this facility for their users with many countries all over the world as their users like to call overseas to their family or friends.