To make your home utterly beautiful you should always seek help from a professional interior design and renovation company. Other than professional you can do a bit here and a bit there to make your home look a little extra beautiful. Processionals have shared the following tips for that extra up lift, which can be achieved with minimal effort.

1. Painting with Technique and Color Logic

Paint your room according to the size of the room. This might seem a bit odd for someone who doesn’t know the logic of this. Soft paint, big windows and mirrors, create the illusion of space, even in a small room. Soft colors make the room seem larger than it really is. On the other hand, dark colors make a small room seem even smaller.

2. Decorative Mirrors for Instant Light

uplift interior design and renovation company that adding mirrors to a room with minimal light will make the room look open, clear and bright. All this can be achieved by adding a couple of mirrors, in front of each other, on the wall.

3. Mix Up Patterns and Textures

Mixing things up with taste is a good hack to make your room look very chic and luxurious at the same time. Like having an old family heirloom next to the new, luxury sofa. All these reflect yours and your house’s personality. They add the richness to the rooms. Mix the present and past to make your own unique story. Add a variety of colors to your room by mixing put patterns and textures of different items such as couches, pillows, rugs and mats, to give your room an artistic look.

4. Slip Covers

Mother’s with kids would know how great a slip cover is. With kids running around the house, you are constantly worried about spills that can happen on your new sofa or luxury chair. Slip covers help you relax, they can be changed often too. You can change the color of you slip cover according to the seasons. This can give a tremendous change to your room.

5. Wicker Baskets

There is no replacing the charm wicker baskets add to your space. They are practical and they make the room look put together perfectly. Wicker baskets are economical and they can store so much stuff that will otherwise clutter the room. You can place the toys, towels, magazines very artistically in them. Placing them around the house gives a beautiful theme to the house as well. Another residential interior painting services suggests to make your room a clutter free space, you don’t need to spend a lot, just add a basket here and a basket there and you are done.

6. The Natural Green

Adding plants to your space give the place a very brightening effect. They are inexpensive and they add so much color to your space. Add one two or more, they are the best accessory you can adorn you room with. They add beauty as well as make the air clean and balance humidity around the house. Plants are the source of fresh oxygen and they take in all the pollutants from the air, this makes the perfect decoration.