Here are some tips that will help you to use Facebook Messenger as a pro.

1. Play Games on Messenger

Not many people know that Messenger allows you to play games. You can challenge your friends, invite them or accept their challenges. A lot of games have been added in Messenger. Word with Friends is just one example of games that you can enjoy while using Messenger. You can do this on your unlimited phone plans no contract too.

2. Use it on Desktop

If you want to use Messenger, you will use the browser. It has apps for android and iPhones as well as tablets. But you can also download the app for desktops. It will help you to enjoy convenient and smooth chat without any interruptions. Messenger has apps for Mac as well as Windows.

3. Transfer Files with Messenger

There are millions of people who use Messenger for business purposes. They have created groups of their teams as well as employees. You can use Messenger for sharing files, documents of any form and it is pretty easy. You will not need to log in to your email account, compose the email to send documents and files.

4. Record Short Videos

On Messenger, you have an option to shoot a 15-second short video and send it to anyone. You can also choose videos from your gallery or files. But this live shooting option is really good. If you don’t want Messenger to access your photos or files, this feature is for you. Buy unlimited phone plans no contract and start recording videos.

5. Create Stories

You will be familiar with story feature on Facebook and Status option on WhatsApp. Similarly, Messenger allows you to create short stories. This can be a short video, text message story or an image. All of your friends will be able to see the story. This is a good feature if you don’t want to pose it on your wall.

6. Manage Groups and Pages

With Messenger, users can manage their group conversations as well as messages on their pages. There is also a separate app for pages but Messenger can also be helpful in this regard.

7. Ignore Messages from Anyone

If you are tired or fed up of someone and want to ignore their messages, Messenger has an option for you. In Messenger setting options, you can choose to ignore messages for any person. That user will be able to send messages but you will not be notified about it.

8. Send Spotify Songs

Want to send and share Spotify songs with friends or loved ones through Messenger? This is pretty easy. Messenger allows its users to share and send songs and files.

9. Send and Receive Money

This is really interesting to find out that Messenger supports payment options. You can use PayPal as well as Apple Pay if you have to make payment to anyone or an account. And it works with unlimited phone plans no contract from the Telstra shop Melbourne CBD.

10. Add Colors and Nicknames

This feature is really good if you want to customize your chats. You have options to change text color, their nicknames as well as add special emojis to make the chat look different than others.