While you’re seeking to trade in your old drone, it’s probably because you’re ready to upgrade to a newer, more complex model. Kudos! You’re not by yourself. The popularity of consumer drones has exploded.

And each new model launched to the market offers compelling incentives to update your quadcopter. This is to stay up with the newest technology and improvements. Therefore, before looking for aerial surveying, let’s know the tips.

Eliminate FAA Registration

When your drone has registered under Part 107, you must unregister it with the FAA before selling it. It is vital since you don’t want any problems if the new customer flies the drone illegally or crashes it. You don’t want the drone to track you down after it’s out of your control.

Log in to your FAA account and select Manage SUAS Inventory to unregister your drone. This will display all of the drones associated with your account. Look for the drone you wish to deregister and choose Cancel.

Keep Your Images and Video Clips

Save any photographs or videos on the internal storage or SD card. Once you’ve saved your film, that’s safe to format the SD card and put it up for sale.

Empty the Cache on the Drone

To clean the cache on your drone, connect it to a mobile device through the RC connection and launch the drone app. You must format your device to remove all saved material and return the gimbal to factory settings.

You may read our post on resetting your drone to factory settings for a complete explanation.

Add All Extras and Packing

Don’t forget to bring any quad equipment you have, like spare batteries or propeller protectors. There’s typically no reason to maintain them, as they’re unlikely to operate with your new drone. Including the accessories and any original packaging will increase the value of your quad.

Take a Lot of Nice Pictures

When making your for-sale listing, it’s critical to take quality images of the drone. Include at least 5-10 close-up photographs of the drone surveying services and equipment from all sides and perspectives. The greater the number of photographs you include the better. Use of stock pictures has not permitted.

Make a listing & describe your drone carefully

Provide any damage to the drone. These include scratches or wear information such as flying time and any included accessories and whether or not the warranty is still valid. Buyers will trust you more if you add more details to your listing.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a method to trade in your old drone, it most certainly implies you have to be ready to upgrade to a newer, more complex one.

If you donate your drone to a charity, such as a school or camp, or another non-profit organization, it may allow you to deduct the value of the drone off your taxes. This is also a simple method to turn your drone into cash while helping a good cause.