Business insurance offers protection to business, big or small from losses that take place during the business. No business is immune to losses hence business insurance is needed to protect a business. There are many types of insurances depending on the businesses, for instance, coverage for property damage, legal liabilities, etc.

Are you looking for business insurance companies in Toronto, Ontario? There are many business insurance companies in Toronto, you just need sharp eyes and a wise mind to the best from them.

1. Canada Life

Canada Life provides an array of insurance and wealth management products for business, individual, and family. From policy claims, growing and protecting the clients’ investment and retirement savings, they provide various workplaces for mental support for all employers as well as the clients. They have more than 13 million Canadian customers and $9.3 billion benefits paid to their customers with retirement and investment holdings worth $105.3 billion.

In 2018, Canada Life paid more than 2.5 billion in life insurance benefits for losses. They provided earnings for over 79,000 people who are disabled and can’t work. Contributed $13.3 million to Canadian communities. Made over $900 million of annuity payments in Canada funding for retirement and helped employers with retirement saving plans.

2. Manulife

Manulife is one of the most preeminent financial services company based in Toronto, Canada. They are known as John Hancock in the U.S and Manulife in other parts of the world like Europe and Asia. They provide insurance, financial advice, management solutions for individuals and institutions, many more facilities. They strive to provide meaningful impacts in other ways by sticking to their strong standards of conduct, through environmental responsibilities, philanthropy, volunteering, and promoting health and wellness.

To achieve their mission, they set out 5 key areas of focus depending on their customers, employees, and shareholders.

1. Portfolio optimization

2. Expense efficiency

3. Accelerating growth

4. Digital customer leader

5. High-performing team

3. Zensurance

Zensurance is situated in the heart of Toronto, they help business owners by allowing them services online. The company is partnered with 50 leading Canadian Insurance companies like Aviva, Chubb, Lloyd’s, Beazley, and Travelers. You don’t need to worry about brokers as they are online brokerage for quick action. Zensurance is online all the time to help you through. They provide insurance and benefits along with other functions such as policy claims, business investments, and retirement plans as well. They also give their clients the benefit of paying business insurance monthly with their flexible payment options.


Here are the top 3 home insurance in Ontario. You can ask for quotes from their websites to get information about business insurance. Canada Life is well known for its insurance, so if you are a beginner and want to stick to a well-recognized company for your small business, you can consult them