If you’re looking for the world’s best file sharing format, the PDF is that one. It has made easy to share things like your reports, survey results, studies, manual, guide, and tutorial, etc. You most likely want to get documents important to your company to make them openly accessible for download for using as an owner of a website.

You certainly like people to get them with no trouble as it is easy to search PDF files for text when you share PDF on the site. It’ll easy to find out on your website and at the same on the different search engines such as Google. For example, you’re providing some free sheets of Excel to down in PDF for your website visitors.

You might need to use the best free PDF merge tool or its paid version to get the best result. As a result, we’re here with some important tips so that you can optimize your PDF files for your website.

Choose A Good File Name of The PDF

It’s a basic rule but you may overlook it often while saving your documents including PDF files. But, you’ll find it very important when you need to do SEO of the PDF file. Consider the keywords to describe it best of its contents and people who will type the name on the web to get it while saving the file into PDF.

It makes a good sense of using these phrases when getting the names of your PDFs using the example like “Excel keyboard shortcuts”. Also, keep one more thing on your mind, separate every word with dashes (-) or underscores (_).

If you use them, the said file name will appear like “Excel-keyboard-shortcuts”. Or it might be like Excel_keyboard_shortcuts this example. Moreover, include the PDF’s URL with the file name that will ensure both search engines and people will find it easily.

Create A Persuasive PDF File Title

The title functions of the PDF file as an HTMIL title Meta tag. It’s a very essential factor in SEO. As it’s the clickable element of the search result, don’t forget to write it for search engines and people. The SEO expert advises that you should include your very essential keywords at the starting of the file title tag.

But, you can get wondered how to include the title tag to your PDF file. Let’s face it; there is a PDF file icon, right-click on it. Then, select Properties that will redirect to the dialog window. Now, type your title of the PDF in the General tab and click on the OK button that will save the file with your title.

Use text Instead Image-Based PDF

When it comes to the search engines, the better to understand text than images. But, here is a problem that all PDF files have not created text-based. There are some images in the text as well and it usually happens for the scanned PDF files.

It turns out to be an electronic file when you scan a file with much text to PDF. However, the reality is that these PDF files are only an image of converted text; this is not a text-based document.