Driving visitors to your website and making your site great in the design are two different things. In this case, you’ll find SEO is one of the inexpensive ways to take targeted traffic to your site. If you want to see your website in the higher positions on Google searches, you should perform both off-page and on-page SEO.

Also, it helps drive more traffic to your site. It’s because when a site stays in the number one getting more than 33% of search traffic. But, when a site is in the number 10, it’ll get just 2% search traffic. But, the question is that which one is the best among automated and manual SEO service. Well, let’s know it throughout the entire contents.

Manual SEO Versus Automated SEO

There are hundred thousands of SEO platforms and SEO software in the current trend of digital marketing. As a result, things become very tricky to decide whether you should use the current platforms of SEO or hire a professional SEO service provider.

When it comes to SEO software and platforms, they can do social bookmarking, keyword research, forum posting, directory submission, and many more things. If you think about the manual SEO, you’ll find it involves with a team of professional SEO experts or an individual.

They work to implement different SEO strategies of off-page and on-page for your website by their own hands. Besides, Automated SEO is the way to implement your website’s SEO through software. But, most of the users’ dislike using automated one as it has a risk to catch by spam.

Pros and Cons of Manual SEO

It’s true that manual SEO is as time-consuming as tedious. But, it has some special advantages that seek your consideration. While using a manual way of performing the SEO of your site, you have full control over the SEO strategies. Also, it’ll help you ensure that you’re working as per your personal plan.

Moreover, you have the chance to improve the off-site SEO using manually picked backlinks. You can determine where your site will get the links from measuring the quality and quantity of the site’s content.

Pros and Cons of Automated SEO

It involves using semi- or fully automated SEO software to apply your SEO strategies. It needs a very simple effort from your side to work with this process. The best and foremost advantage of using this method is it’s very economical.

This is the way that not just cheaper, it also makes do your job automatically and instantly. It lets you check for the keyword density or broken links along with tags and Meta description. Also, you’ll be able to find the precise and latest data while looking for your keywords rankings.

Bottom Line

From the above-said topics, you know about the advantages and disadvantages of using enterprise SEO services, both manual and automated SEO services. Some people find the automated one better than manual SEO. But, some others like the manual one. The choice is yours which one you’ll get for you as per your personal needs.