If you’re a college student or an office worker or even a freelancer, you need a laptop to carry it with you. Because, it helps you in the office and can help you with the gaming marathons of the late night. That’s why many of you were looking for an affordable laptop. So, this Asus VivoBook F510UA laptop review can be helpful for you somehow. This is a simply a great presentation of Asus that’s nice with a wider 15-inch screen and it’s really a rare variety. Where there the most budget laptop in this price comes with an 11/12-inch screen, it’s much wider than any of them. If you note it’s all nice features, you can’t keep it in the low budget one.

Features of Asus VivoBook F510UA Laptop

As Asus is well-known for its high-quality display across the world, this one is also in the same way of its previous ones. With the smallest amount of bass, this laptop provides the highest volume levels. If you use this laptop you can simply use YouTube and NetFlix with a good quality sound. This way, it has so many solid features that you’ll be able to use for the most aspect of your jobs in life. Well, let’s know some of them in short below:

Get an Affordable Gaming Laptop

Nowadays, UHD 620 graphics is common for portable laptops and VivoBook also comes with it. It’s true it could not be good enough for 3D gaming, but you can play the most 2D games with no getting lower quality settings. It means that you’ll get an affordable laptop that’s very good at the common gaming.

Watch Online Videos

This is another great feature of this laptop that it has minimum bass with maximum volume. As a result, you can watch any kinds of YouTube or any other online videos in ease. You need not use an extra sound system because it offers speakers with good quality sounds. So, start enjoying the latest movies by placing them in a small room.


Enjoy Everything for a Long Time

It’s another attractive thing that you’ll like most it’s battery life that goes for hours. Its long lasting battery life goes up to 5 hours on average in a single charge. That means you can work or watch video for a long time with this small piece of a powerhouse. And it provides the things that you’ll find rarely into other brands in the similar price.

Get a Clear Look Whatever You Watch

It comes with 15.6-inch IPS LED display that allows you to get a clear look at whatever you like to watch. Its 1920×1080 pixels resolution offer high-quality videos and images. Besides, its Wide View technology offers vibrant color that you need not change the resolution settings.

Bottom Lines

So, we can say from the above said Asus VivoBook F510UA FHD Laptop Review that you’ll get a piece of a gem at an affordable cost. It’s hard to found in many other brands that you’ll get with this model of Asus laptop.