Do you own a house which you want to sell fast? Do you want to sell yourself by cutting the middle agent? Do you know the upsides of selling your home yourself?

If so, you might be considering selling your home yourself or selling it through a real estate agent. We’ll share the 3 benefits of selling your own Fort Worth home in this blog post to help you make your choice.

You have options when it comes to selling your home. Will you sell it, or should you sell it yourself with a real estate agent? Both might be viable options, but which one is right for you and your situation? In SLV Home, we buy houses in Fort Worth in whatever condition it is in.

Let’s talk about the advantages of selling to home buyers before you look for “we buy ugly houses in Dallas, TX”.

Advantage 1: You Have the Control

The first benefit of self-selling your home is that you stay in charge. They’ll come in with several different suggestions and tactics with a real estate agent based on their qualifications and expertise and eventually advise you how to sell your house.

They can recommend that you repair different items in the house or paint a room, add a new air-conditioner, etc. They will inform you when a buyer is expected to come and see the home (when the buyer is comfortable), and for some time, you can be out of the house. You have very little influence on it.

But when you are selling your house yourself, you have full control. Whether you want to paint the house, set up an air conditioner, or redesign the roof, you will not need to ask for others’ suggestions.

Advantage 2: Your Own Terms

The second benefit of selling your house yourself is that the conditions under which you are willing to sell your home can be decided. In an agreement, an agent will often use standard terms. Although they will look to you for a deal with their “recommended” price request, they will stick to only the basic standard terms and may not get the home sold fast enough for you.

But you decide the terms when you sell your home yourself. You might not want to reduce the price. Or maybe you insist that until a particular moment, the buyer does not take possession. It’s all up to you, and you don’t have to listen to “advise” anyone else about what’s best for you. Everything depends on you and what works best for you and your family.

Advantage 3: Zero Commissions

The third benefit of selling your house yourself is that there are no commissions to pay to a selling agent. You have to pay them a percentage of the selling price when an agent sells you your house.

That percentage can often be as high as 3% of the agent’s sales price, which can be thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands of dollars!) on higher-priced homes.

But there is no commission to pay when you sell your home yourself. You’re keeping in your pocket more of that money/profit and not giving it away.


Skipping the agent and selling yourself will allow you to stay in control, decide your own terms, and keep more money in your pocket if you’re thinking about selling your home!

Is self-selling for everyone? Absolutely not, but this is an option to consider if the numbers are tight or you want to stay in control of your home’s sale.