CBD has become common nowadays and its increasing use proves its worth for medical as well as other useful purpose. Some facts about CBD are given below.

1. CBD in Royal Family

Today we see so many restrictions and legal issues when it comes to the use of cannabis and CBD store near me. However, the CBD has been used by the Royal Families in the past. Queen Victoria who ruled over England is a notable example who used CBD derivatives.

2. Oldest Crop in the World

Now many countries have legalized cannabis and Canada was the last to have it legalized last month. Nowadays, CBD is cultivated through modern agriculture practices. But experts believe the history of CBD is 12000-10000 years old. Even Carl Sagan remarked that it was the first crop to have been ever cultivated.

3. Medical Use in Past

Cannabis and its derivatives have a wide range of use in medicines as well as treating diseases naturally. But this is nothing new. The history of Greeks prove CBD was commonly used at that time to treat infections. Even Claudius Galen, a doctor in Greek, used to give cannabis juice to patients to treat a certain type of pain.

4. Canada Legalized CBD

There has been a lot of discussion in the last few months after Canada took the revolutionary step and legalized cannabis. That means the people can grow cannabis legally at their homes. But it’s commercial use as well as selling CBD will lead to serious crime charges and punishments. So now people of Canada can finally relax after the news.


5. Deregulating Fear

A few studies in the recent past have found out that CBD is really good to deregulate fear. That means with the use of CBD store Kansas City, people will get rid of this fear and uneasiness. They can feel more confident and relaxed. That is good to say a good-bye to fear and anxiety.

6. Helps Against Addiction

Medical scientists have found out that cannabis can prove helpful to make people get rid of smoking addiction. Further studies are being carried out and they hope that they will soon be in a position to treat addiction with help of CBD. This can be a revolutionary step towards treating addiction naturally.

7. Hike in Use of CBD

Research studies found out that there was an increase of almost 70% in the use of cannabis and CBD from 2016 to 2017. That means these are becoming more popular. They are now widely used in treating various infections and diseases like heart issues, cancer, pains, anxiety, stress and skin problems. We can see further increase in the use of CBD in coming months.

8. CBD Treats Cancer

National Cancer Institute found in its research that CBD has a potential to treat cancer. The study further explained that it has symptoms to treat the cancer as well as properties that can destroy the tumor cells in cancer patients. However, further research work is needed and the experts are working on it share the good news with the world one day.