We all want to get a better night’s sleep. But it’s not always easy to come by. It often results in a stressful evening of tossing and turning, grumpy mornings, and a lack of energy.

Catching those all-important z’s might seem virtually impossible if life is a little bit hectic right now or the decrease in daylight hours is messing with your biological clock.

You’ve probably tried white sounds or pillow sprays to help you sleep better already. However, if nothing seems to work, here are some natural ways to improve your sleep.

#1 Establish a Routine

It’s crucial to establish a pattern to assist your mind in preparing for sleep. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a bath, or spending quality time with a loved one, there’s something for everyone.

At night, I like having a shower or a bath. After that, I do my bedtime skin routine before reading to help me go asleep. It’s also crucial to go to bed and get up at the same time every day to maintain your biological clock in sync. I always look for self-care products for me.

#2 Avoid Caffeine After 10 

I used to be a barista in college and drink a huge mug of coffee every night at about 7 P.M. before going out for the night’s events.

I’m happy those days are gone! But, since cutting off coffee after 10 A.M. (or midday if I really need a boost), my sleep quality has skyrocketed. So you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night anymore!

#3 Get Moving!

To acquire better Zzz’s, you must MOVE. Working exercise makes it simpler to fall asleep, enhances your sleep quality, and helps you stay awake throughout the day. So girls and boys, make sure you get your daily exercises in!

#4 Read a Book

This is a major one for me since I always want to check Instagram or do some last-minute blog writing on my phone. However, during the past several months, I’ve made a concerted effort to switch off my technology and read before going to bed.

Reading has really aided my ability to fall asleep more quickly. This is because the blue-ish light from technology causes your biological clock to be thrown off. So it’s no surprise I used to have trouble falling asleep!!

#5 Curtains That Block Out The Light

These are incredible! This goes hand-in-hand with the entire “lighting” thing before going to bed. If you haven’t experienced black-out curtains before, you should.

They were introduced to me by a college friend, and they are definitely the finest idea ever!! My flat overlooks a bright alley, so my black-out curtains come in handy when it’s time to sleep!

#6 Keep it Cold

Keeping your bedroom cool rather than heated can help you sleep better. Your body really tells you to sleep better when your internal core temperature is a bit cooler. I love having the window open at night to receive cold, fresh air and then put on tons of blankets!