Every dog needs grooming regularly. Some require frequent coat brushing, while others require routine haircuts. Every dog, at the very least, needs a bath and nail trim regularly. One of the dog’s fundamental needs is physical grooming, such as hair and nail treatment.

To keep up with your dog’s hygiene requirements, you’ll need dog grooming supplies. Remember to have grooming tools in your general supplies for your puppy. Learn the fundamentals so you can pick the essential pet products and tools for your canine friend.

Before you visit a pet essentials store, here are five products for dog grooming you can put on the list.

#1 Dog Brushes & Combs

Dogs come in various hairstyles, so it’s no wonder that there are a variety of dog brushes to choose from. Find a brush or comb that is suitable for your dog’s hair. More than one brush or comb can be helpful to your dog.

Most hairstyles react well to bristle brushes. For dogs with thick, fine fur, a short, fluffy bristle is ideal. For dogs with rough, coarse fur, long, firm bristles are preferable. Dogs of short to long hair can use wire pin brushes.

#2 Nail Trimmers

For every dog, nail trimming may be a traumatic activity. The use of suitable techniques and the appropriate equipment will make the operation go more smoothly.

Spring-loaded claw-style or plier-style trimmers cut the nail in a scissor-like way. Spring-less scissor-style trimmers are suitable for dogs with short, delicate nails. If you unintentionally cut the nail too short, styptic powder, such as Kwik-stop, can be used to stop the bleeding.

#3 Ear Care

Ear grooming for dogs is always neglected, but it is just as vital as keeping their hair and nails in good shape. Ear cleaning daily may help avoid ear infections by eliminating wax, sebum, and dirt. Consult a veterinarian or groomer for advice about how to scrub the dog’s ears properly.

Ear cleaners are liquids that are used to disinfect and flush the ear canal. Choose a package designed specifically for dogs and recommended by veterinarians. A veterinarian can prescribe ear medications for dogs who have ear infections or ear mites.

#4 Dog Shampoos

When you use the right shampoo for bathing your dog, it will be even more effective. Use a shampoo that is specially designed for dogs and is soap-free. Avoid formulations that are heavily scented or decorated.

A doctor may administer medicated shampoos to support dogs with allergies or other skin problems. Since shampooing, conditioners are added to keep the dog’s hair moisturized, clean, and tangle-free.

#5 Dog Hair Clippers

Not all dogs will need grooming. Dogs with short hair don’t need to be trimmed. Golden Retrievers, for example, with medium to long hair, can benefit from occasional hair trims but should not be fully shaved. Poodles and Shih Tzus, for instance, must be groomed daily, so their fur continues to evolve.

Some owners tend to keep their dogs’ coats trimmed short, and others prefer to keep their dogs’ coats longer, requiring them to be washed more regularly.